We are rings of the same chain and, by staying united and solid, nothing is going to break it!

We’re Morena and Giampaolo Bompezzo .. of BRANDONI & SONS ACCORDIONS S.R.L. and that’s how we feel like starting this message we’re writing to share this totally new and unpredictable chapter of our company and personal history, a chapter joining all our stories and making us all protagonists, in this large emergency area.In these weeks of particular “disorientation”, of questions and doubts, we feel like giving our contribution with information and insights and, above all, with our presence.

From our headquarters in Castelfidardo, in the Marche region, since the very first outcomes, we have tried to respond with rationality and common sense, that’s why we can confirm our operations keep on going. We’ve reorganized to optimize time, space and staff; always in the utmost respect for directives and the protection of our human resources, collaborators, partners and, of course, our customers.

Now, more than ever, we want to commit ourselves to enhance our “treasure”: our Made in Italy, our know-how, our excellence! And also the ability to find the right vision and energy to face an unexpected complex and alarming scenario, to keep on working to offer quality and value. Our work has always been a mission, and nowadays it’s turning into a choral mission, connecting everyone.

We also want to update you with some significant information about the logistics aspect.

The latest Government Decree dated 9 March 2020, about measures for containment of the epidemiological emergency, fortunately, left untouched the pre-existing situation. Therefore we can continue to guarantee the shipment of the goods, since the transport is not subject to prohibitions and limitations; our couriers confirm their regular operations.

The utmost attention to the aspect of SAFETY and sanitization is already object of our usual best practices, but we can assure that it now will be subject to EXTRA scrupulousness and care.

We also reassure that, as confirmed by all official sources, there is no risk of contagion due to contact with parcels and goods.

Thanks for your attention, our team and I are here ready to provide any information and support.
Together with our best regards, we send you a special wish and a virtual but vigorous handshake!
See you soon.